Advance Care Planning in Diverse Older Adults

Gina Kang, MD, MPH, MHS

I have completed internal medicine residency, clinical geriatric medicine fellows and geriatric research

fellowship. My main interests include racial/ethnic disparities in older adults and association with health

outcomes and health challenges in immigrant older adults including end of life care. Some projects I have

worked on include looking at review of the literature identifying adaptations of cognitive testing in Latin

American and Caribbean older adults, perceived health status of immigrant older adults in the US utilizing

the New Immigrant Survey dataset, interviewing caregivers of older adults born outside US mainland to

understand their experiences, challenges, and knowledge of resources in their community caring for idverse

olders, and had the opportunity to work with Dr. Tinetti on her project looking at the association between

patient priorities care and health care burden in older adults with multiple chronic conditions. Most of my

clinical experiences in residency and fellowship included working in areas with diverse patient populations ,

including working at a geriatric consult clinic working with diverse older adults, majority who were non-

English speaking.