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New Publication!

We are delighted to announce the publication of our first article, Project ECHO – Geriatrics: Training Future Primary Care Providers to Meet the Needs of Older Adults in the Journal of Graduate Medical Education (JGME).

Teleconference is lifeline for seniors

UW’s family medicine residents have monthly access to guidance on managing elder patients’ conditions.


On the third Friday of the month, a team of geriatric specialists lead a teleconference, Project ECHO – Geriatrics, a teleconference that is one of the Pacific Northwest’s most concerted efforts to improve care of elderly people.

Case Consultation

Remote-site clinicians receive an in-depth consultation provided by fellowship-trained geriatricians, a psychiatrist, a pharmacist, a social worker, and representatives from two Area Agencies on Aging (AAA), all with expertise in geriatrics.

Our Reach

We partner with the University of Washington’s Family Medicine Residency programs located across Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho (or the WWAMI region), but we also include other students, such as nurse practitioner students and residents.

ECHO Model™

Developed at the University of New Mexico to improve access to specialty care in underserved communities and has spread worldwide. We adapted this model to target trainees (primarily physicians and nurse practitioners).

About Our Sessions

Monthly, Ongoing Sessions

Every 3rd Friday of the month @ 12:30 – 1:30pm Pacific, year-round.


Our sessions include a brief didactic (15 min), followed by case consultation(s) and discussion.

Trainee Audience

Residents, fellows, and students across medicine, nursing, and other fields.

Community Panelists

We are the first ECHO to include community members on our specialist panel, bridging the community-clinic gap.

of attendees plan to change their practice as a result of our sessions.

of attendees highly rate our didactics, cases, and virtual delivery.

Attendees report perceived knowledge increase from before to after our sessions.



We have found it invaluable. The didactic and case-based learning is of the very highest quality and promotes true geriatric care consideration by our residents.

- Kevin Braun, MD, MPH, Program Director, Family Medicine Residency, Olympia, WA

Our Partners

The ECHO Model™

The heart of the ECHO model™ is its hub-and-spoke knowledge-sharing networks.

UW's ECHO Team

University of Washington’s ECHO team was the first group to replicate the ECHO Model.

Family Medicine Residency Network

29 family medicine residency programs across 5 states in the WWAMI region.

Meet Our Panel

Katherine Bennett, MD

Katherine Bennett, MD

Medical Director, Project ECHO - Geriatrics


Thuan Ong, MD, MPH

Thuan Ong, MD, MPH



Elizabeth Phelan, MD, MS

Elizabeth Phelan, MD, MS

Geriatrician, NW GWEC Project Director


Allison Boll, MSW

Allison Boll, MSW

ADS Representative


Zachary Marcum, PhD, PharmD

Zachary Marcum, PhD, PharmD

Geriatric Pharmacist


Carol Crawford, PharmD

Carol Crawford, PharmD

Geriatric Pharmacist


Karen Clay, MSW, LICSW

Karen Clay, MSW, LICSW

Clinical Social Worker


Staci Levison, BSW

Staci Levison, BSW

AAADSW Representative


Beth Labardi, MD

Beth Labardi, MD

Geriatric Psychiatrist


Stephen Thielke, MD, MSPH, MA

Stephen Thielke, MD, MSPH, MA

Geriatric Psychiatrist

Mary Pat O'Leary, RN, BSN

Mary Pat O'Leary, RN, BSN

ADS Representative


Breanne Swanson, MS

Breanne Swanson, MS

AAADSW Representative

Our Didactics

Didactics 2015-2016

January 15th – Welcome and Introduction to Project ECHO – GeriatricsKent Unruh, PhD and Katherine Bennett, MD

February 19th – Medication Use in Older Adults – Updated Beers CriteriaZachary Marcum, PhD, PharmD

March 19th – Addressing Falls in Your Clinical PracticeElizabeth Phelan, MD, MS

April 15th – Artfully Approaching End-of-Life Discussions Using POLSTWayne McCormick, MD, MPH

May 13th – Management of Agitation in DementiaStephen Thielke, MD, MSPH, MA

June 17th – Health Literacy: Learning to Read the Person in Front of YouThuan Ong, MD, MPH

Didactics 2016-2017

July 12th – Driving Safety and Older AdultsKristoffer Rhoads, PhD

August 19th – Medications and Falls in Older AdultsZachary Marcum, PharmD, PhD, BCPS

September 16th – Late Life DepressionBeth Labardi, MD

October 21st – Frailty: A Brief OverviewJoe C. Huang, MD

November 18th – Atrial FibrillationMichael A. Chen, MD, PhD, FACC

December 16th – 10 Myths About Decision-Making Capacity, Denise M. Dudzinski, PhD MTS

January 20th – Cancer Screening in Older Adults: Who Should I Screen?Katherine Bennett, MD

February 17th – Sexual Health in Older Adults (Slides Only), Lauren Carpenter, MD

March 17th – Osteoporosis, Katherine Ritchey, DO, MPH

April 21st – Alphabet Soup of MedicareMay Reed, MD

May 12th – HIV and Aging, Wayne McCormick, MD, MPH

June 16th – The Role of Area Agencies on Aging, Allison Boll, MSW and Melissa Ensey, MSEd


Didactics 2017-2018

July 21st – Caring for the Caregiver, Lianne Hirano, MD

August 18th – Deprescribing, Zachary Marcum, PhD, PharmD

September 15th – Hospice Case Studies in DementiaLee Burnside, MD, MBA

October 20th – Unexplained Weight Loss in the ElderlyWilliam A. Banks, MD, FACES

November 17th – Dementia Treatment PrinciplesLucy Wang, MD

December 15th – Kidney Disease and Functional Decline in Older AdultsBob Roshanravan, MD, MSPH, MS

January 19th – Pre-Op Testing, Joel Huang, MD

February 16th – MultimorbidityKatherine Bennett, MD

March 16th – Staying Active, Staying Connected, Marigrace Becker, MSW

April 20th – Abuse, Neglect, & Exploitation of Older Adults, Lena Makaroun, MD, MS

May 18th – Falls Screening in Primary Care, Elizabeth Phelan, MD, MS

June 15th – Glycemic Goals in the ElderlyCarol Crawford, PharmD, BCCGP, BCPS

July 20th – Screening Cognitive Decline in Primary Care – Screening Tools and Care Pathways, Kristoffer Rhoades, PhD

August 17th – What You Need to Know About Opioid Dependence in Older PatientsManu Thakral, PHD, NP

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